BVG Next

Amidst the age of technology, companies cannot remain aloof or distance themselves from future-defining technologies. No matter what, every domestic or global organization will have to embrace technologies. Besides, the fact that technology creates a massive amount of business opportunities is something undeniable.

BVG Next is a futuristic concept that leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies. This initiative will be AI-Enabled and Digitally Empowered. We intend to add value to people’s lives through a few digitally-enabled platforms. Some of them include

Seva Tiger

We understand how challenging it is to call plumbers, electricians, cleaners, etc., when required. Besides, you wouldn’t have the time to go through various options and then choose the best one.

Seva Tiger, a tech-driven platform, resolves this challenge. It allows people to access a range of nearby electricians, AC repair professionals, painters, housekeeping experts, plumbers, carpenters, etc., and then book an appointment with a click.

As a service-oriented organization, which has been in facility management for years, we’ve amassed several contacts and developed a massive database of service providers, which we are sure will help people.

BVG Express

Amidst uncertainties and rising inflation, many people, who complete their jobs during the daytime, look forward to earning extra income through part-time work opportunities.

BVG Express is a potential opportunity for such people who wish to put in some additional effort and earn some extra money. It is an end-to-end technology-enabled logistics platform that intends to help major eCommerce service providers across the country with various services. The model is built on delivery service capability, customization, scalability, and sustainability.

BVG Express will leverage the latest technology and automated solutions to quick order processing, first-mile pickup, last-mile delivery, and network optimization. BVG aspires to be the market leader within this area in the next three years through service excellence and expansion to every corner of the country


Upcoming platform for social security for domestic helps professionally

BVG Prime

Upcoming platform for supporting & caring our prime private customers.