QHSE - Integrated Management System

BVG India Ltd.’s, QHSE - Integrated Management System is designed and developed to meet the requirements of various Codes, Specification & Standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & ISO 45001 & meeting requirements of an ISO 41001, ISO 50001 & ISO 550001 and consistently adding on -

for the various business segments and our verticals in various industries like -


Oil & gas





Residential complexes

Solid waste management


PSU’s & Institutions

Smart city development projects


Hospital / healthcares

Public & private banks

Emergency medical & police services

Central & state government establishments etc.

We at BVG India ltd are committed to serve one of the leading & largest integrated services company across it's network by providing reliable products & services to achieve our stated goals through the following guidelines:

Deploy QHSE-IMS policy, framework for objectives & targets through discussion, consultation & communication to our business processes & develop suitable systems to achieve these objectives & targets.

Plan, implement & verify QHSE-IMS related training for the continual improvement of all our employees & contractors.

Committed to comply with the applicable QHSE-IMS legislations, regulations & standards for those activities carried out by our employees & contractors.

Evaluate work safety & manage risk at work, to ensure that hazards are eliminated or controlled to the extent, practically possible.

Conduct periodic assessment & review our internal & external stakeholder’s performance to ensure continual improvement of our QHSE-IMS.

Maintain a permanent dialogue with customer, supplier, contractor, employees, & other interested parties.

Ensure that our QHSE-IMS Policy is communicated, understood, applied, implemented & maintained to all working for and on-behalf of our organisation & displayed prominently for visitors, interested parties & public.

Review during Management review meeting that this QHSE-IMS Policy remains relevant & appropriate for continuing suitability & to improve upon the effectiveness of QHSE-IMS thereby enhancing its performance.

Committed to the protection of environment & to prevent, eliminate or minimise pollution-generating situations & potential risks that could harm the environment, cause ill health & injury with respect to Occupational health & safety of our employees & contractors.