Renewable Energy


  • Renewable Energy service of BVG India Ltd. is now one of the leaders in EPC Pan India.
  • Renewable Service is primarily focused on building clean energy projects across the world, including Solar PV projects, Wind Energy projects, Solar Water Pumps, Energy storage and LED Lighting projects.
  • The company has an excellent expertise in providing total turnkey solutions including Design, Engineering, Procurement, Supply, Erection, Testing, Commissioning, Operations and Maintenance for the Utility scale and Rooftop Solar Power Projects, Solar-DG Hybrid solutions & Telecom Tower Solarization.
  • BVG India (Renewable Services) offers the most efficient solar controllers for the solar water pumps at lowest sunlight.
  • BVG India (Renewable Services) has targeted the Niche market of advanced technical developments in the areas of fuel from plastic, CNG from biomass waste, and briquette from biomass.

Our Strengths

  • 100+ Clients
  • 600MW+ Projects
  • 800+ Experienced Solar Professionals.
  • 16+ Years of rich experience
  • Presence in 31 Major cities across the country

Our Vision

To be the market leader & most trusted company to work by adding value base in Renewable Energy sector adopting the latest innovations in the industry.

Our Mission

To help Industrial, Commercial & Education Sectors and Organizations for reducing electricity cost by utilizing clean energy with 1500MW of capacity addition in EPC turnkey contracts and 1000 MW of Module manufacturing by 2025 in Solar PV space.


  • Solar E.P.C.
  • Solar Modules Manufacturing
  • Solar Water Pumps
  • Energy Storage Solutions (Battery Manufacturing)
  • Green Hydrogen
  • Waste to Energy
  • Biomass to Briquettes
  • Plastic to Fuel


Being an E.P.C company we, the BVG India Ltd., provide total turnkey solutions for all Solar Power Projects ranging from Utility scale size Projects (Ground Mounted) to Rooftop Projects at Commercial/ Industrial customers.

Glimpse of Projects

Ground Mounted Projects – Cumulatively 600+ MWs

Rooftop Projects – Cumulatively 5+ MWs

Solar Module Manufacturing

BVG India has established state of the art Solar Module manufacturing unit in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh having 500MW capacity which will be scaled up in phased manner.

Our commitment, towards renewable sector and environment, has led us to establish Module Manufacturing Unit which produces Solar Modules meeting the International Standards and robust to withstand hard environment conditions.

Our Modules are available in different capacities to cater customized need of customer from any segment i.e. Residential, Commercial & Industrial or Utility Scale. We at BVG strive and believe in Quality and therefore our Module Manufacturing Process follows a stringent quality process and extensive categorization of materials to ensure highest performance and reliability of the Solar Modules. BVG’s Solar Modules are available in wide ranges which are high on efficiency and high in durability.

Solar Water Pumps

Being agriculture based society, more than 70% of India’s population depends on it. India’s agricultural sector accounts for almost 22% of the total electricity consumption, most of which drives the pump sets for irrigation.

There are an estimated 35 million pump sets across the country. 25% of these run on diesel thus causing pollution whereas the other 75% pumps run on electricity. Those which run on electricity add to burden on the taxpayer as the electricity which runs them is highly subsidized. Apart from this, limited and unreliable supply of grid electricity has led to farmers’ extensive dependence on diesel for water pumping.

BVG India’s Solar Water Pumps are the right solution providing continuous power supply at affordable rates. In addition to agriculture, these Solar Water Pumps are also suitable for a host of other industries and applications like co-operative housing societies, waste water treatment, resorts & hotels, corporate offices, industrial water management etc.

Energy Storage Solutions (Battery Manufacturing)

BVG is providing Hybrid Solar Solution embedded with Energy Storages with L-I type battery. BVG is working on LTO type Batteries as well and offers wide range of customized battery packs varies from 500kWh to 1MWh.

Waste to Energy

Waste-to-energy plants burn Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) (often called as garbage or trash) to produce steam in a boiler and the steam is used to power an electric generator turbine.

MSW is a mixture of energy-rich materials such as paper, plastics, yard waste, and products made from wood.

Biomass to Briquettes

When it comes to converting agro-waste into fuel, BVG is Maharashtra’s largest briquette manufacturing company. The product has a high calorific value of 3,700 Kcal and has very low moisture and Sulphur content.

Plastic to Fuel

There is no doubt that plastic is today one of the biggest manmade pollutants. Recent estimates suggest that 280 million tons of plastic waste is generated per annum. India alone generates 5.6 million tons of plastic waste per annum (15,300 ton per day). Once created, plastic waste is one of the most difficult to do away with. Without an effective solution it is dumped in rivers or landfills creating irreversible damage to the ecosystem. Most of the plastic waste will take thousands of years to disintegrate. This is one concern which needs immediate attention before it is too late.

It is often said that every problem is an opportunity in disguise. It just needs someone to look deep and think hard about the problem. So in 2004, Our CMD Mr. Hanmantrao Gaikwad, decided to find a solution for it. Plastics are long chain polymers derived from crude oil and natural gas which are essentially short chain polymers. So an idea to find a way to break the long chains into shorter chains, we can recycle plastic into oil and gas will resolve issue.

A team was formed which discovered a catalyst assisted pyrolysis process which was later patented. Starting with a small laboratory, BVG in 2014 installed its fourth generation continuous production plant with a production capacity of 5000 kgs/day. Compared to Light Diesel Oil (LDO), BVG’s fuel from plastic waste has higher calorific value and less Sulphur and Ash content.

Clearly it is the cleaner, greener fuel!